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Homes, Offices, Warehouses - extreme house cleaning and hoarding cleanup in Toronto

We Clean What Others Won't

We offer reliable services 24/7 for disaster cleanup services in Toronto.

We Provide Extreme House Cleaning and Disaster Cleanup in Toronto

Avenue Road Cleaning Inc. has been in business since 1986, offering disaster cleanup in Toronto and more for homes, offices, and warehouses. Our crew is available 24/7, fitting into your busy schedule when you need us most. We can accommodate moving days, renovations, after-party cleanups, and more. From carpet cleanings to rubbish removals, we handle it all.
Don't struggle to get around a cluttered house, have Avenue Road Cleaning tackle the mess for you. We also offer regular cleaning contracts for buildings and offices. If you'd like to learn more about our disaster cleanup in Toronto or other services, please reach out to us.

Extreme Home Cleaning and Hoarding Cleanup in Toronto

At Avenue Road Cleaning Inc., we specialize in extreme house cleaning in Toronto. Our crew provides a thorough top to bottom cleaning for those homes that have seen too many years of neglect. Allow us to restore your home to its original beauty with our 24/7 service. We can handle heavily soiled properties, homes neglected by the elderly, gross filth removal, smoke/water damage cleanup, pest infestation cleaning, hoarding cleanup and more. For a free consultation/estimate, just call us at 416-466-3550 and experience Extreme Cleaning today!

Disaster Cleanup Services in Toronto

When your commercial or residential property has undergone a disaster, the last thing you need is a cleanup company that won't respond. At Avenue Road Cleaning Inc., we offer dependable disaster cleanup in Toronto, with 24/7 availability. Whether there was a storm damage, fire damage or a homegrown situation, dealing with the aftermath of disasters requires adherence to the highest standards. Disasters can lead to or expose biohazard elements. For this reason, you should only turn to experienced professionals like us for the cleanup process. We inspect your situation and devise a tailor-made strategy to minimize the damage and deal with hazardous elements like mould and salvage as many possessions and surfaces as possible. Our team has the training to undertake all these tasks with expertise for quick restorations so that you can return to your everyday life as soon as possible.
We will use protective gear and specialized equipment for your disaster cleanup in Toronto. Our company is aware of all the relevant provincial regulations, and we adhere to them to ensure law compliance. If you'd like to schedule an inspection for our disaster cleanup in Toronto, we invite you to speak to us. We also offer other services, such as hoarding cleanup, building maintenance and flooring solutions.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Whether you're a property manager or homeowner, attempting DIY cleanup for disasters, hoarding, or flooding can be risky. Professional cleaning is essential to avoid harm to yourself and others. Hiring experts like us has many benefits, including:

  • Experience: Professional cleaners are experienced in handling neglected, water damage restoration, and extreme cleaning scenarios.

  • Comprehensive services: They can tackle minor tasks like spring cleaning or more extensive hoarding.

  • Equipment: They have access to a wide range of specialized equipment that helps them with the job.

  • Efficiency: Professionals deliver quality results without causing further property damage.

  • Personalized service: They customize their services to meet your specific needs.

  • Safety: Professional cleaners follow strict safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries during hoarding and extreme cleaning.

Reach out to us today to discuss your unique needs, get a quote, or have your questions answered!

Get in Touch

Our cleaning company in Toronto has over 35 years of experience handling cleaning jobs on commercial and residential properties. There are many reasons to choose us, such as:

We have a deep understanding of your requirements.
We provide a comprehensive range of cleanup services to commercial and residential properties.
We are available 24/7 to meet your needs.
We adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality.
We offer tailor-made solutions.
You can rely on us for an excellent client experience.

If you'd like to learn more about our services or want to schedule an appointment, we invite you to call us.

Contact Information

Phone: 416-466-3550
Cell phone: 416-518-2661


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Fully Insured!

Freshen up your home or office with our cleaning services!

Disaster Cleanup in Toronto

Let our team minimize the consequences of a disaster with our trusted cleaning services.

Extreme House Cleaning

We use trusted strategies and respect your property while working on it.

Reliable Hoarding Cleanup

We offer effective strategies to tackle the mess associated with a hoarding habit.
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