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Hoarding Cleanup in Toronto - Making a Safer, Healthier Home

It is challenging for everyone involved to deal with hoarding. Even if their belongings are taking over their lives and making their living space hazardous, a person who has started hoarding belongings in their house may be unwilling to admit they have a problem. To prevent causing more harm than good, this delicate situation necessitates careful handling and the appropriate approach. If you, a family member, or a tenant needs help decluttering, our experts offer professional and reliable hoarding cleanup in Toronto. Avenue Road Cleaning Inc has extensive experience dealing with homes and properties that have been affected by hoarding.
Our crew provides a professional and discreet service that respects your privacy. We deal with severely cluttered homes, heavily soiled and inhabitable properties. We arrive in unmarked vehicles and ensure the highest level of sensitivity while performing the cleanup of the property.
Please contact us today and let us help de-clutter your residence to provide a safe and clean-living environment with our hoarding cleanup services in Toronto.


What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding or compulsive hoarding syndrome is when a person excessively collects unwanted things and doesn’t have the willingness or ability to dispose of them. This is caused by emotional and mental issues. The excessive amount of objects in the home leads to cluttered rooms to such an extent that the house becomes cramped and unusable.


What Are the Danger and Damages Caused by Hoarding?

A property that has been affected by hoarding creates cramped living conditions. The residence becomes physically dangerous, creating a hazardous environment for residents. Hoarding also leads to significant health risks caused by bacteria, pests, poor air quality, and sanitation issues.

If you'd like to know more about our hoarding cleanup in Toronto, please get in touch with our team.


Who Falls Victim to the Disorder?

Hoarding, also known as Diogenes Syndrome, is a common symptom in elderly persons suffering from mental or physical illnesses. This syndrome has been observed in people with IQs above the average. A person impacted by the disorder will collect various materials and items. Their home will become too congested, with limited, puzzled passage routes remaining to allow them to move about. The clutter is usually made up of junk and debris accumulated over time.


What is the Process of Cleaning Up a Hoarder’s Space?

Hoarding cleanup can be challenging, and our experts have the skills and knowledge required to ensure thorough cleanup of the area. We will ensure that all contents are bagged properly, removed quickly, and disposed of responsibly during the property clearance process. We de-clutter the premises, eliminating obvious garbage or waste, salvageable items, and organizing anything valuable. We also provide storage bins if necessary.

Our team performs an extreme cleaning of the premises that includes:

  • Cleaning appliances

  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing kitchen & washroom

  • Washing walls with germicidal cleaner

  • Cleaning windows

  • Sweeping or mopping the floors

  • Steam cleaning salvageable carpets and disposing of waste carpets

  • Cleaning ledges, baseboards, doors, door frames, shelving

  • Cleaning fixtures/furniture

The amount of contamination in most hoarding cleaning situations is relatively high, demanding the usage of safety gear at all times. We have the necessary equipment and resources to keep ourselves and the client safe. We also have admiration and compassion for the client and a sincere desire to assist them in their rehabilitation.

For a clearer idea, please contact us to discuss hoarding cleanup in Toronto. We will assess your requirements and give you a rough timeline. You can also depend on us for building maintenance services.


Contact Avenue Road Cleaning Inc. For Hoarding Cleanup in Toronto

The professionals at Avenue Road Cleaning are here to lend a hand in restoring your space to livable condition. We understand that hoarding is a severe problem, and our team of professionals executes the cleaning process with great compassion. We know that a hoarder might form emotional attachments to the items in the house, even if those items are worthless to others. You can count on our team for hoarding cleanup services in Toronto. We will provide safe and discreet services and clean the premises with germicidal or anti-bacterial cleaners. We also offer extreme house cleaning, trauma and biohazard cleaning services. For a free consultation and estimate, please call us at 416-466-3550.

Need Hoarding Cleanup?

Trust our experienced crew for a reliable hoarding cleanup contract in Toronto.
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