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Extreme House Cleaning Experts in Toronto

Flooding House

For those who need a top-to-bottom extreme house cleaning in Toronto, Avenue Road Cleaning Inc. is here to help. We understand that an older home can accumulate a lot of junk, dust, and debris. A property/home might need specialized cleaning and disinfecting for many reasons. We are here to help. We provide our contract cleaning services to properties of all sizes and tailor our services according to your needs. Leave the extreme cleanup to our crew at Avenue Road. We handle a wide range of services, including but not limited to:


• Wall washing

Rubbish removal

• Window washing

• Pet cleanup

• Cleanup wildlife damage

• Water damage cleanup

• Smoke damage cleanup

• Contaminated furniture

• Garages

• Heavily soiled properties

Hoarding cleanup

• Estate cleaning

• Neglect of house by elderly

• Flood/backup drain cleanup

• Cleaning and disinfecting before/after pest control

• Derelict property cleaning

• Gross filth removal


Our deep cleaning service ensures that all the electrical fixtures, appliances, and fittings in your kitchen are cleaned thoroughly. We can provide you with complete sanitization of all surfaces and fixtures to ensure that your bathroom or kitchen is entirely free of any hazardous germ build-up. If your property needs a deep cleaning to restore it to original conditions, give us a call today! We offer service in Toronto and the surrounding area.


Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

Here are several benefits to hiring professional house cleaners to conduct an extreme cleaning of your property:

  • Save time: By hiring professionals you can spend time on other priorities more important to you such as quality time with your family.
  • Efficiency: Professionals can clean the house more efficiently as we have special tools and equipment to complete the tasks. We also have extensive experience and training to carry out the task more efficiently.
  • Customized cleaning: If you large event at your home, hire professional cleaners to clean your home before and after the event. We can create customized cleaning plans for your home and you can focus on entertaining your guests.

Why is Deep Cleaning Essential?

Despite regular cleaning, there can be an accumulation of grime and dirt in difficult to reach areas. Over time, it can serve as a breeding ground for germs which is unsafe for your health. A stricter and more expert cleaning job is necessary. Our deep cleaning service will bring your space back to healthy and safer standards. Call us to know more about our extreme cleaning services in Toronto.


Get in touch with us if you are looking for extreme house cleaning services in Toronto.


Deep Cleaning for Your Toronto Home

Get complete extreme cleaning solutions for all your residential premises and enjoy a germ free living             space.

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